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Happy Mother’s Day to the ones who hold us when we needed a shoulder to cry on, listen to us talk a hundred-miles-an-hour when we are excited, the first person we call with news – good or bad, the one that we wish were there when we are sick. To the mothers who have raised their babies and the ones who are expecting theirs, or have had to say goodbye too soon. 

To all the mothers who have picked up the pieces when others broke them, who spent late nights finishing up school projects or running to 70 some stores for just the right thing, who put their children first, and teach them how to be amazing human beings. 

To the ones who doubt themselves and sometimes go to bed in tears wondering if you’ve done the right thing. To the ones who work hours upon hours building their career, to the ones who work more than a normal job building their dreams, and to the ones who work at home with the busyness of home and family … we see you. 

You are an amazing Mom. From the first word mama to the exasperated Moooooom! to the quiet “I love you mom” … it’s all worth it. It’s hard, but you’re doing it. You’re rocking it, and growing these beautiful people into something even more than they – or you – can imagine. We know, we’ve worked with them. 

Thank you for being their role model, their protector, and their cheerleader. Happy Mother’s Day!

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