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There are moments in our journey of telling wedding stories that hit home – and sometimes they hit hard.

There is a reason we encourage things like “Daddy’s First Look” – whether that is your Papa, your uncle, or your dad – please take the time to do this if you have a close relationship. My own “Papa” raised me – and these are moments I wish I’d had photos of.

Today I am sharing something that I wouldn’t normally share as a blog post. This past weekend we photographed the wedding of one of Josh’s former soccer and school friends, and she chose to do a first look with her Papa, who raised her. 

When he gave his speech that night, he shared a story of how when Natachia was growing up, he’d push a note under her door that read “You know what?” and she would write back “I love you” and push it back under the door. 

We knew this would be an especially charged event, and she had her closest friends and family there as audience … when her Papa turned around, he couldn’t speak… and even before he cried, every other person there was tearing up.  He held her for the longest time, and while nothing was said, a million words filled the room. 

I don’t think we will ever forget this moment … and I’m sure Natachia and her Papa won’t either. I’m so thankful for these little parts in our journey and in our couples’ wedding stories. They mean almost as much to us as they do to the couple themselves. 

Are you planning to do a first look with the special guy in your life? Let us know in the comments! 


Then, as everyone was paying attention to the rush of finishing up and gathering their things, I spun around to see Papa embracing his wife. Cue more tears.





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