When the Sunshine Speaks to Me: Personal Post | Snohomish WA 1

I don’t do this nearly enough. 

I find that the longer we do this thing we love, the less we do it for ourselves. Often, the only time I pick up my camera anymore is when I have a session or wedding for client – and only rarely for myself. But it’s so important to make the time to photograph for yourself as an artist, otherwise things begin to feel stale and boring. 

A friend in Tennessee took a photo the other day that inspired me. I immediately had the urge to shoot something for myself, to create this ONE image … and the weather forecast for the day seemed to agree. Pair that with a last minute session cancellation and it all seemed to be perfect. 

Jeleisa graciously agreed to model for me. I knew I wanted a soft but also dramatic and earthy look, and she was on board 100%. The warm sunshine danced through the trees and seemed to wrap her up. Not only did I get the specific shot I hoped for (the detail shot of the ring with the flowers), but I’d say we created some magic … and I’m definitely feeling rejuvenated. I even tried my hand at a little video clip (at the bottom) … and while it was fun, we’ll let the true videography pros do that part (in other words, video is not anywhere on our horizon of offerings)! Ha ha! 

Centennial Trail in Machias, just outside Snohomish, is one of my favorite places. It’s an oasis of trees and quiet with beautiful views, and the perfect place to spend a warm evening. 



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