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Cavelero Hill Park is one of my favorite places at sunset. One day as I was driving home from a wedding, I got this vision. It was one of those times that inspiration not only knocks but literally slams into you like a ton of bricks and takes your breath away. I could see all of it – the light, the grass, the way I wanted it all to look – the bohemian bride amongst it all … and I knew immediately who I had to call to make this happen with me.

If you follow our site or social at all, this face is very familiar – this is one of my dearest friends, Lauren, the owner of Pacific Northwest Cupcakes. She’s the kind of friend that you can call late at night with a crazy idea that you can’t even put into words and she will just immediately say yes. And not just say yes, but carve out the time on one of the craziest Saturday’s in her season to make this vision come to life.

Most clients are a little surprised when I say that I want to start shooting at 7:30pm. This time of year though, when sunset is happening after 9pm, the light is still fairly harsh earlier in the day. By 7:30, it’s tucked behind the trees a bit, or behind a hill, and it’s creating this incredible glowy warmth that literally envelopes everything it touches, like being wrapped in a blanket of sunshine and atmosphere.

This was the light I knew I wanted. Lauren had a tight schedule, we needed to be done as close to 8 as we could get, so I did the shots with her in them first and then took my time to play with the details after she left. Wardrobe and decor all provided by me – Lauren styled the cake’s floral, though! The bouquet and decor was mostly left over from our 2017 Wedding Tour booth – I’m all about reuse and recycle!

Lauren has that incredible bohemian look, and while she has no formal modeling experience, I’d say she owned this shoot. And, she completely trusted me with every single weird idea I suggested for this bohemian bride inspired styled shoot in Snohomish.



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  • Kayla Grey

    These are gorgeous!! <3 The lighting is incredible! I love the one of her laying in the grass, and the one of her holding her bouquet up closer to her face. But seriously that golden light is incredible!! Stunning!! <3 <3

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