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Why I might be slightly crazy (but you should be glad) 11

My dear friend Emily from Thrifty Beginnings and I are on the same wave-length, she recently wrote a piece on a similar topic – check it out here. 


 “Why did you get into weddings??”

This is the one question we are asked over and over again. Sometimes its asked out of genuine curiosity, sometimes its asked in absolute horror that someone would actually CHOOSE to be in this industry. Those who ask because they are curious, I tell you now, I’m sorry. I’ve never been one to tell a short story, even when I’m trying to give the Cliff Notes version. To the latter, I’m sorry too. That so much has tainted such a beautiful event and industry. Because it is beautiful. Even the ugly crying moments.

Snohomish Wedding Photographer Monte Villa Farmhouse

From one of the first weddings Josh & I shot together

You’ll all hear our story at one point I’m sure – and for those who may never have the chance, enjoy.

I’ve never been a girly-girl. I always dreamed of rocking the CEO gig and travelling the world. At one point, I went to school (don’t laugh) to become a wedding planner. I truly enjoy the ritual part of weddings – and finding ways to create all new traditions and rituals that are just as sacred and amazing as their predecessors – but mean even more because they’re truly your own. There is something inherently creative about planning an event. Finding the smallest details to close the loop.

… You would have thought it would have just been a natural progression – but it was more of a …. journey up a hill where I ended up falling (ok, being pushed), off a cliff.

When I planned my own wedding, it was clear, Josh loved this stuff as much as I did. However, I was still VERY anti-wedding photography for our own business. My GOD, it was just so much work, so much stress, so much crazy, and … the pressure. Josh was decided though, he wanted to shoot weddings, even if it was just by himself. He would casually mention it every couple of months, always hoping I’d change my mind.

Then, the fateful time of being on the cliff came. My friend Kellie from Nebraska was flying out my way to shoot a wedding, and she was hoping I would second. I can’t even count the number of times I said no, she couldn’t possibly ever convince me to do that. Eventually I reluctantly agreed, and she flew out and we were off. I was being pushed off this cliff, and whether I liked it or not, I had no real parachute.

July 4 wedding Snohomish Wedding Photographer

From the VERY first wedding Josh & I shot together

And then it hit me. We were about 20 minutes in to shooting, and there was this incredible calm. It was hectic and crazy, and people were crying and laughing and things were going wrong and beautifully right all at once, and there was this surreal moment of “Yes, this is where I belong.” And yes, it was pretty much as cheesy as it sounds. Even though I totally ended up with a black eye at that wedding (from turning around into Kellie’s lens) I was sold.

I went home with wedding fever. Josh and I revamped our efforts and never looked back. We’ve had a few “what are we doing?!?” moments, but for the most part, we fall in love with the weddings, our couples, and each-other over and over again.

Oregon Wedding Photographer

From the Oregon Wedding I shot with Kellie

So why do we do weddings?

Because even after I’ve shot 3 weddings in a weekend, and I’ve been running around like a ninja for 40 hours, I want more.

When the season slows down, and weddings are months apart, I ache for them. I want to be in the action, watching these two incredible people making one of the biggest steps of their life right into each-others arms.

Every love story we hear is a journey back into the beautiful wonder that fills you when you realize you’ve found your forever. It’s pure, and amazing.

For the moments when we get to see Dad’s moving into this new stage. Some of my favorite moments are those with Dads… like when he secretly dons a tux (instead of his suit) and steps out from a curtain to surprise her; When she is standing her dress, and he turns to see his little girl not so little anymore; When he brings a piece of her childhood into his speech and asks her to dance with him.

For the love. Of friends, of family, and the anticipation of forever.

Because we get to relive it when we’re editing the photos. And we know you will too when you see them all.

For the moments our couples miss, because we know we caught them even if you didn’t.


And of course, because of each-other. When a couple chooses the same song to walk down the aisle to, or for their first dance, we catch eyes. During the vows, it makes me thankful that I also have my own love story, and that he’s here shooting this with me, because I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else.


Kate from GSquared Weddings

Because, what photographer doesn’t want a shot with her camera in her wedding dress? Photo Credit: Jennifer Gomez, Texas Art Portraits



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  • Desiree Miller

    Your wedding photography is gorgeous!! I’d totally use you if I lived in Snohomish Washington!

  • Kate Dooley

    wedding photography is difficult for sure! you really need the drive and the passion. looks like you have both!

  • Mandy

    Great article! Being a Wedding Photographer definitely requires a certain personality and unique skills that not everyone possesses, but it sounds like such a great fit for you and you both do it so well – I am glad you found your creative home in wedding photography (as, I am sure, are many Snohomish brides and grooms!)!

  • ShannonJ

    Very evident that you love being a wedding photographer and working with your clients. The brides, grooms and newly engaged couples of Shonomish County are lucky to have someone with so much passion.

  • Ashley Eiban

    Thanks for sharing! I love reading the why and how people got into weddings! I love the passion you have for photography- you can really see it in your images! 🙂

  • Katie Brockpahler

    I think all wedding photographers can relate to the “wedding fever.” There is just something about the fast paced, emotion-filled day that gives you so much adrenaline! Gorgeous photos!

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