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GSquared Weddings is first and foremost a husband and wife photography team. Our approach to wedding photography has been built by our own relationship and the things we ultimately believe about love, weddings & marriage. We have a blog post that talks about why we do what we do, but we felt it time to spell out our mission and what we believe.

We believe:

That you have the right to see sneak peeks of your wedding within days of your event.

That our job is to protect your vision for your wedding day AND the experience that each of you have on your wedding day.

That you have the right to a wedding that reflects and embodies your personal self and love story as you see fit.

In the excitement of finding your “One” that you will build a lifetime of memories with.

That Love is for everyone. EVERYONE. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and BLM supporters. 

That every couple should feel comfortable, relaxed, and at their best on their wedding day, and that this comes from a quality relationship with every couple.

That your love story continues past your wedding day, and because of that you will always be a member of the GSquared Weddings family.

That you have the right to information – authentically and transparently – about every aspect of your planning process, and that it’s our job to help you get that information when at all possible.

That this day is about your relationship with each-other, not your relationship with our cameras.

In love that is filled with inside jokes, memories, laughter & the little things.

In the importance of your support team of family & friends.

These beliefs motivate our business.

We make sure that you have a sneak peek of your day within 72 hours.

We strive to seek out images that are unexpected, to find moments you may have missed: dancing flowergirls, laughing friends, quick hugs or a smile across a crowded room.

We get to know the important people and document their experience on your day as well as your own.

We look for angles and perspectives that most people don’t notice, and we do this in a way that holds your wedding day vision’s integrity in high regard.

We will adventure with you. We believe that strong, amazing relationships are built through experiences, and we absolutely want to include a part of that in your process.

We strive to be both connected and ninja-esque on your wedding day. We’re well trained in reading signals, and try to be within eye-sight of our clients at all times – even if you don’t necessarily see us, we can see you.

We spend the majority (not all, but most) of your portrait time without you looking at our cameras. This day isn’t about us, its about you, enjoying each other, and being MARRIED!!

We spend a lot of time communicating with you through a private group, email, coffee meetings, and more, because we believe that a great working relationship is what makes your photos the best they can be.

We know that the family & friends that you’ve chosen to be there on your day are incredibly important people. We strive to create relationships with them (and your vendors) because we know that their experience impacts your day, too. We will do our best to love on them as much as we do on you!

We strive to be resources for more than just wedding photography. We know that you’ve never done this before, and this industry is filled with the belief that you should just know how it all works. We have helpful articles, pinterest boards, and e-mags to help you find the information you need when you need it, not to mention TONS of vendors we can recommend. The more informed & knowledgeable you are, the better your planning, and ultimately your wedding day, will go.

We help you build your wedding day timeline, so that not only is there enough time for the important things, but also a few moments for you to breathe, spend time with your new spouse, and to get the creative images you want.

We bring a kit of extra supplies (non-photography related) with us just in case – in being over prepared for your day, we know that we can help keep things running smoothly. Chances are, if you don’t have it, we will.

We don’t consider ourselves just photographers – we are the ones there with you for most of your day and probably are the most experienced (aside from your coordinator, if you hire one) with being at/participating in the behind the scenes of actual weddings. We are support people, helping hands, and guides.  We will do what it takes for your day to be the best it can be – after all, our goal is to make sure your day is a beautiful, memorable experience in your love story.

We strive to create unforgettable images that spark feeling in you, and take you back to a moment and imagine yourself there again. The emotions, the moments, and the way you felt when you experienced it – from the classic moments to the unexpected.

We create work with integrity to the authenticity of the day. The work you’ll find on our page and in our galleries isn’t heavily photoshopped or adjusted – that’s not our style. We love the real you, and the real day  – whether there was rain, snow, or sun. We believe some of the imperfections make it perfect – this was how your day unfolded, in all of it’s love filled glory.

We are so lucky to be able to work with like-minded couples and their families & friends to create amazing wedding day images and experiences – we hope to work with you soon, too!

Kate and Josh

Kate and Josh

GSquared Weddings is a husband and wife photography team (Kate and Josh) specializing in weddings and couples in the Pacific Northwest and Big Sky Country. We have an artistic style and fearless approach to wedding photography and are obsessed with love. We are based in the sweetheart town of Snohomish, WA, but we travel far and wide to create visual love stories for the amazing and beautiful characters that hire us as their authors. We would love to create for you, but first let’s start with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

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