20+ Tips for Making the Most of Seattle Wedding Show

It’s almost time for the 2024 Seattle Wedding Show at the Seattle Convention Center Arch Building. We are excited to be there yet again, in booth #1119 this time (super close to the entrance!).

We wanted to put together some tips for you on how to make the most of this Wedding Show, as we know how overwhelming shows like this can feel.

Our number 1 tip: Attend Both Days.
Your ticket on Saturday includes a return stamp (request it when you leave) so you can come back on Sunday. This will allow you to take in the show in a less frenzied pace, and really get to research the vendors who stood out to you.

This will also let you watch the Fashion Show at least once (it runs twice on Saturday and once on Sunday), and even take part in the Gown Sale if you’re looking for an amazing deal on a wedding dress (yes, you can try wedding gowns on – so don’t forget your strapless bra and to wear deodorant) without feeling like you missed out on important time to talk to vendors. The gown sale area does open 30 minutes before the show each day so you can get a jump start on those dresses!

2. Look at vendors even if you haven’t book a venue yet.
You’ll want to have a place to start once you’ve booked a venue – and this is the best place to meet a ton of them all at once. Attending a wedding show like this is pointless if you’re not going to look at vendors.

3. Research.
Check out the vendor master list and visit the websites of the vendors in the categories you’re wanting to include in your wedding. Narrow down the ones that you are most interested in and then go check their reviews.

I cannot stress this part enough. Reviews can tell you about a vendors value beyond just their product – it will give you a feel for their personality and service experience from a client’s (and sometimes other vendors) perspective.

4. Contact the ones you’re most interested in.
Yes, really. You don’t want to get too interested in a vendor if they don’t even have your date available. Some vendors may even have a special for you if you book your date before the wedding show. Like us!

Seattle Wedding Show Sale for Wedding Photography wedding dates in 2024 and 2025. Book before January 26 2024.

click the photo above to inquire with us

5. Print out the wedding show map (I’ve linked it below) and highlight the ones you want to visit after you’ve done your research. Prioritize them and make a walking plan.

6. Create address label type stickers to use for entering giveaways.
Include your name, wedding email (yes, create an email just for your wedding) and wedding date (or season/year you hope to get married). So many times, we get entries that we cannot read their email address and so they are disqualified to win. This will also save your hand from cramping. 🙂

Note: Out of courtesy, please don’t enter the giveaways of the vendors you’ve already secured (ie, if you have a photographer, don’t enter other photographers giveaways) or that you’ve already booked with unless they specifically say that the giveaway is for everyone and not just new bookings.

7. Come up with 2-3 questions you want to ask the vendors you’re interested in.
You won’t have a ton of time to visit with each vendor, and you’ll probably have to wait to talk to some, so when you do get a chance to chat you’re going to want to make that time count. Try to remember other couples want to talk to them too, so plan on setting up consultations with the vendors you love outside of the wedding show – a lot of them are even taking appointments for those during the show.

8. Bring a Bag and a notebook/pen.
Make sure it can hold larger items like magazines. Many vendors will have things you can take home from the show, not just informational brochures. Use the notebook to take notes about the vendors you’ve talked to and liked, the ones that wowed you at the wedding show that you didn’t research previously. Want a few more tips about wedding show prep in general? Check here.

9. Eat a high-protein breakfast.
There are going to be a lot of samples at the wedding show, but you’ll be surprised how hungry you can get just walking around. Pop a couple of snack bars in your bag, too, in case you want something a little more filling while you’re perusing the booths.

10. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes with layers.
Yes, you can pop into a few of the photo booths for visual souvenirs, but this isn’t a fashion show. No one is going to judge you for choosing comfort. Also, the wedding show room can get REALLY WARM with a bunch of people in it, so you’ll want to remove layers once you’ve hit that point. It’s also a lot more walking than people expect.

11. If you’re coming in the morning, get there early.
There is a line that wraps around the building, even when we show up at 9 to put finishing touches on our set up on the mornings of the wedding show. Arrive early, get coffee at the shops nearby, and be ready for an amazing experience.

12. Don’t feel bad for taking breaks.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, pop out of the show for a bit to get a bite to eat or just to regroup. It’s absolutely normal to feel this way. You can request a stamp that allows you to return without needing to buy another ticket. The fashion show can be a great break time, as can the beverage bars (in the exhibition hall and gown sale areas) that will be serving various beverages including beer & wine.

13. If you’re going to watch the fashion show, grab your seat early.
They’ll start announcing that the fashion show is starting soon, and that’s when you want to go grab a seat. These turn into “Standing Room Only” shows quickly. On Saturday, these start at 12 and 3, and on Sunday it’s at 1:30pm.

14. Not interested in the Fashion Show? This can be prime time to get a few more minutes with the vendors you like or want to talk to. The wedding show floor empties a lot during the fashion show and you’ll have a lot more of the vendors focus.

15. Vendors are not sorted by category on the show floor.
Photographers aren’t all in one area, neither are caterers, etc. You’ll want to make sure you’re checking the map and figuring out where each vendor you’re interested in is located.

16. Bring a charging bank for your phone.
It is absolutely encouraged to take photos on your phone while you’re at the wedding show! Vendors are putting their best ideas out there to inspire you, and you’ll see a lot of things you’ll want to remember. There will also be a lot of vendors with QR codes to scan for more information about their services. You’ll also want easy access to your calendar for scheduling appointments/consultations, or talking about dates with venues.

17. Don’t plan to do anything else that day (at least not before the wedding show’s end time).
Once you’re in the show, you’ll probably stay longer than you think. You won’t want to have to cut your time short because you have other plans.

18. Bring your friends/family/planning crew and DON’T SPLIT UP.
I know that seems weird, but often friends and family don’t really know what questions you want to ask, or what your style and vibe truly is for your day. You’ll want to make sure you’re all together, experiencing things together so that when you’re chatting about it later you all have input on the same vendor and the same booth visit.

They can also help carry bags and take notes, and put your entry sticker label on giveaways. Make sure you’re only bringing the most positive, fun-loving, cheerleader-y people with you. The tone of your group will set the tone of your overall experience at the wedding show.

19. Have a vision plan started.
Check out this post if you need help with this. This vision plan should include your desired style, guest count, and a spending plan (so that you know what you should realistically budget for each vendor – we have a helpful post about the average prices of vendors here too) – a lot of couples have no idea what to expect and underbudget compared to the going rates for local wedding professionals, and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

20. Looking for a venue?
Make sure you have your guest count and budget in mind, and that you have a few different options for dates (especially if you’re wanting to get married this year – and you may want to check out our planner to make sure your wedding planning timeline isn’t too crunched). Not sure how to find a venue? We have a list of questions to ask venues, too! Make sure you set up a time to tour the venue, and ask to see photos of it for the time of year you’re planning to get married.

21. Have fun!
The Seattle Wedding Show only happens once a year, and you’re getting to experience one of the best shows in the entire area for planning a wedding. Do all the things!

22. Buy your ticket BEFORE you arrive.
Tickets cost more at the door, and you can use a discount code when you order online (like our special code, SWSGWP). It also help you get into the show faster.

23. Be ready to book on site.
If you find someone you *have to have*, book them on site (or at least same day). Thousands of engaged couples attend this wedding show, and your date isn’t likely to still be available if you wait until a week (or more) after the show to book. Also, a lot of vendors “Wedding Show Specials” only last for a few days after the end of the show. Vendors usually ask for just a deposit, and some even offer payment plans, so it’s not normal to pay them all in full, up front.

24. Figure out what will “seal the deal” for you.
Pro-tip: Don’t decide just on price or just on personality or just on portfolio. But definitely ask yourself: Will you decide strictly on portfolio, personality, booth, giveaway winning, or a mix of a few things? What is it that will make you say YES to each specific vendor you’re seeking?

Make sure that you think of questions that will help you figure out if they’re a good match for your wedding vision based on what you have determined is your deciding factor.

25. Remember that there are no stupid questions – we know you haven’t done this whole “wedding planning thing” before and you probably have no idea what to expect. Ask all the things. We have a breakdown of a typical wedding day that we recommend so that you can get a little taste of what the flow feels like before you start talking to vendors.

We even have sample timelines so you can see how long you can expect to need a venue for, how long you’ll want to book a DJ for, and how many wedding photography hours you need, too.

20+ Tips for Making the Most of the Seattle Wedding Show by GSquared Weddings with Printable Maps and Vendor Lists for the 2024 Wedding Show

Some of our Favorite Vendors
at the 2024 Wedding Show

print the map of our favorite vendors highlighted
all names below are linked to their websites

Landmark Event Co #26
Carnation Farm #1131
Sun Mountain Lodge #1033
Hidden Meadows #115
Lairmont Manor #1339
Nature’s Connection #1327
Rein Fire Ranch #1215
Sanders Estate #537
Port Gamble Weddings #239
Roche Harbor Resort #529

Britta’s Brides #1616
CME Experience #538
Grit City Weddings #1611
JBK #440
K&L Events #219
Seattle Stunning Events #214
The Social Co #1208
Your Perfect Bridesmaid #413

Flint & Stone #1023
Go Productions #534
Lumilux #1107

British Motor Coach #21
Butler Transportation #107

Pollen in Love #1115
Flora D’Amore #119
From the Ground Up Floral #1228

For the Luv of Bridal #2 (gown sale), #1108, #1207
Brides for a Cause #1024
I Do Bridal #23

Wanderer Barbering Co #300

Lighting the Sound Productions #1105
Magnolia Rhapsody #1506

Baker’s Dozen Catering #1634
Concept by Lombardi’s #1327

Kitsap Bartending/The Bustender #540
Party on the Rocks #1206
Tipsy Trailer #402

Desserts & Sweets
Aha Sugar Co #302
Honey Crumb Cakes #522

Other Wedding Services
Shutterbus Co #103
Tipsy Pix #501
Kinship Tales #1127
Luxury Restroom Trailers #106
To Wag and To Hold #220

CORT #1734
Grand Event Rentals #330
Seattle Farm Tables #1431




(use code SWSGWP to get a discount on your tickets)




20+ Tips for Making the Most of the Seattle Wedding Show by GSquared Weddings with Printable Maps and Vendor Lists for the 2024 Wedding Show
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