45 questions to ask when you tour a wedding venue

45 Questions to Ask When Touring a Wedding Venue | The Weducation Series

So many couples have no idea what to ask when touring a wedding venue – here’s a list to get you started.

45 questions to ask when you tour a wedding venue
Green Gates at Flowing Lake Wedding Venue in Snohomish, WA

First, let’s start with a few things that you should do before you even tour A Wedding Venue:

  • Confirm that the date(s) your considering are available. Always have at least 3 options in mind, as dates can often end up being booked between requesting the tour and actually being on site..
  • Make sure that you’ve researched the wedding venue well. Look up reviews, google real weddings, check out photos on google and instagram. Does it fit your vibe (we have a whole list of venues to consider based on your aesthetic, if you have no idea where to start)?
  • Make sure that you have started working on your venue spending plan. Your venue cost is usually 1/5 to 1/7 of your total wedding budget.
  • Be ready to book. Dates go quickly, and if you’re not quite ready to sign on the line and pay your booking deposit, don’t waste the venue’s time.

Once you’re at the wedding venue for your tour, here are 40+ questions you should ask:

  1. Hours of access (even 12 hours of total access may require you to start getting ready off-site) and what time your wedding has to end for cleanup?
  2. Who is responsible for set up and clean up?
  3. Getting ready spaces – what do they look like, what’s their capacity, can you have champagne or any drinks in there while you prep, can you use hairspray inside the getting ready space?
  4. Nearby lodging and accommodations?
  5. Ask to see the common places people have their photos taken – group photos like wedding party, family photos, etc.
  6. Do they have sample books you can look at from past weddings?
  7. Can they show you weddings that took place during the same time of year as you’re hoping to be married in?
  8. Ask about the sun – where does it fall on the ceremony space throughout the day when you’re hoping to have your wedding?
  9. Do they have AC? What about heaters for outdoors?
  10. If they have a firepit, is it real wood, and if so do you have to supply the wood yourself?
  11. What’s the rain plan or backup?
  12. What is the dance floor situation?
  13. Are children allowed and what are the rules?
  14. Do they have ADA friendly restrooms or what is their mobility friendly solution?
  15. Where is the power/electricity that your vendors (or you) can use?
  16. Are pets allowed and what are the rules?
  17. Alcohol and bartending requirements
  18. Catering requirements
  19. Music rules (some venues don’t allow live bands)
  20. Drop offs and pick ups of rentals
  21. Do they require a licensed planner or coordinator?
  22. Max guest capacity
  23. Max parking capacity
  24. Insurance and banquet permit
  25. Trash fee
  26. Damage deposit (how much, what it covers, when will you get it back)
  27. Refrigeration availability and locations?
  28. Restrooms (and who cleans them and how often) – how many and where are they?
  29. On site contact for emergencies day of, do they have any staffing for things like parking?
  30. What the wedding venue provides inclusively (tables, chairs, linens, etc), and what they charge extra for?
  31. What will I be responsible for renting?
  32. Does Uber or Lyft service the venue, and can guests leave cars there if they do need to uber or lyft home due to over-consumption?
  33. Payment options – do they have specific payment plans or ways they accept payment?
  34. Vendor lists (do they make you have to choose from their list or can you hire anyone) and requirements (and do they require licensed and insured vendors only)?
  35. Where do we sign our marriage license?
  36. How does a wedding day flow here?
  37. Where does catering set up a buffet?
  38. Specific rules for photographers or videographers (btw, a wedding venue CANNOT legally require you give them use of the photographs or videos from your wedding pros – that’s not yours to release, they have to get that from the photographer/videographer)?
  39. Rules for decor (what do they and don’t they allow – like tape, pins, nails, balloons, confetti, rose petals, etc)
  40. Rules for your special exit (do they allow sparklers, bubbles, etc)?
  41. What is the booking process?
  42. Do we get a rehearsal? When?
  43. Do we get any additional walk-throughs of the wedding venue before the wedding?
  44. What all will the wedding venue need from you before the wedding?
  45. What should I expect after we book with you? Does the wedding venue provide a client portal or any check-ins prior to your wedding?
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